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BLUE GARDEN – Cyanotype


In this workshop, participants will wander around the city of Setúbal, then create an unscientific, but emotional, record of the objects they have found, recording their contours through cyanotype. In the end, with these results, small handcrafted books will be built, as small tributes to the visionary work of Anna Atkins.

* Cyanotype is a photographic printing process discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842, just 3 years after the “official” announcement of the discovery of photography. It is made from iron salts and produces permanent images in an elegant range of blue hues.

This workshop is organized in partnership with IMAGERIE – casa das imagens, by Magda and Domingos (

Date & Meeting point

5th October Between 10:00am – 2:00pm


Understand the basic operation of the technique (chemical and plastic), get tools to develop future experiences independently.

Understand the process of discovery of photosensitive materials and their importance in the emergence of photography. Understand the leading role of scientists and science in the process of discovery and propagation of photography.


1. Historical background on cyanotype as one of the first photographic printing techniques and its creator, Sir John Herschel, as a pioneer and central figure in the process of discovering photography.

2. Historical background and discussion of Anna Atkins’s British Algae book, and its influence on works by contemporary artists and photographers.

3. Brief explanation of the chemical process of cyanotype and preparation of the chemical solutions that make up the light sensitive solution.

4. Application of photosensitive solution in various materials.

5. Stroll through the streets of Setúbal looking for parts of plants and other objects that are lying on the ground.

6. Exposure to the sun of sensitive materials with the found objects. (frames).

7. Developing and fixing prints with water.

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