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September, 2022 @ 16:00 - October, 2022 @ 18:30


Iana Ferreira


In our present time, with people submerged in a busy everyday life, occupied with work, hobbies, relationships and obligations, this exhibition focusses on the moments in which we pause. Not on a normal, everyday break during lunch hour, which is all too often also contaminated by things to do, but on a pause that is sufficiently long for a person to be able to disconnect. Being interruptions in our day-to-day lives, these moments make it possible to interrupt the normal course of our daily chores and, consequently, to re-establish a freer relationship with the moment, and with simply being. Mo-ments in which a person, if possible, allows herself to change from a fast and pragmatic rhythm to a more present state of being. Periods in which there is room to grasp the small differences between objects, the variations of atmosphere, posture and gestures, the coexistence of relations in a group and individual existence. Eventually, the surrounding space reminds us of our real dimension and interrupting the course of our chores permits us to adapt ourselves to it. Visually, what interests me here is the opportunity of a body language sui generis that is afforded by the greater autonomy in relation to the tasks, where each figure adopts an autonomous pose, body and mind taking a break. What also interests me is the spatial configuration, the geometry relating figures, objects and space, as well as the atmospheres that are being created proposing a time of contemplation. It is possible to perceive relations between figures and spaces that are not evident in a first visualisation. Images that are out of focus are also part of this project, since they permit an interruption in the atten-tion to detail, allowing the viewer to adopt a more distracted global perception, like an intermission. In my professional experience that during more than two decades has been directed towards war-ranting the sharpness of the images in a cinematographic universe, I many times came across the beauty and impact of unfocussed images during the moments before the necessary definition. This way, I have grown more and more fascinated with some of these images that revealed strength in their more indefinite, sometimes almost abstract, form making room for curiosity and interest about what is being represented. Being out of focus creates an image more dominated by areas of colour and light, which may or may not produce a depth in space. What interests me is the possibility to view the situation in a dif-ferent way, in a sharpness, or lack of it, which projects the image to another level of understanding.


September, 2022 @ 16:00
October, 2022 @ 18:30