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DISPOSITIONS & NOTHINGNESS Two parallel worlds with different forms and processes of creation.  Drawing, photography, video and objects embody this exhibition, evoking dispositions of memory, time, space and movement or inertia and nothingness. M: having time for materialisation is the main process of work — slow-moving in the search for fidelity to what you want to evoke. K: anxious for resolution, in relation […]

memoria e aprarecimeto

Jónatas Rodrigues LuísFilipe Rodrigues Memória e aparecimento sets in articulation the artistic practices of Luís Filipe Rodrigues and Jónatas Rodrigues, aiming to draw relations and links between both works. From an approximation through spatiality, by the physical elements, both dynamic and static, profound relations arise beyond visibility, whether it be through experiences more or less impermanent, suggestive of hab

Flora Arcana

Mário Pires Flowers have their own language and communicate between themselves in a dimension inaccessible to humans. I believe that once existed a common language that enabled all living creatures to communicate with each other, but humans have forgotten that language, just like we’ve forgotten everything else that connected us to the natural world. We wanted to create our own world, with our […]


bruno parente . catarina  aguiar . marta amorin Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which the part represents the whole or the whole represents the part. The exhibition with the same name gathers works based on photography, that cross other disciplines of the visual arts. Photography is actually the intersection point between the paths of the three authors, whose shared interest in […]

No Breu

Sandra Lourenço Curadoria: Catarina Pombo Nabais On the photography that commits us Sandra Lourenço’s work has a lot to do with the world of cinema. The images are ostensibly cinematographic, looking like small frames from a movie we might have seen. They refer to an action, to a narrative, to a character. And the way Sandra Lourenço illuminates these nocturnal spots, the focus […]


Inês Pereira e Miguel Tavares Multidermis is a voyage through the infinite layers of the non-visible skin, one that doesn't pretend to be exterior or interior, but both simultaneously. It’s a non-belonging skin, in the sense that it has no owner, and covers all things and no things at all. It’s useless, except for it’s own good: it grows and morphs into various […]

RubAL`Khali (empty Quarter)

Pauliana Valente Pimentel In 2015 I was invited by the curator Marie Loffreda to develop a photographic project on Dubai. The aim was to build a visual memory, recording everyday situations, placing a photographic image between documentary and poetry, resulting in an eclectic mix of individuals, landscapes and interiors. I had the opportunity to come back to the United Arab Emirates in 2018, […]


It is "Mutual Seduction", by Mide Plácido. Because art allows playing with reality and deconstructing certain truths: A sensitive installation, of conceptual framework that reveals and interrogates a relationship with the spectacular everyday reality, in the context of the complex network in which life is entangled. Simultaneously with Photography; the challenge and the imbricated and fine line that separates reality from fiction, in […]

Ilustradores Ilustrados

@ João Francisco Vilhena “Uma imagem não vale mil palavras, mas vale mil perguntas” (Allan Sekula) No ano de 2000 desenvolvi um projeto fotográfico para a Bedeteca de Lisboa. Numa troca de ideias com João Paulo Cotrim, o seu diretor, surgiu o trabalho a realizar: fotografar alguns dos mais importantes ilustradores portugueses de diversas gerações. Depois de reunidos os nomes e observado os […]


Inspired by the richness and vulnerability of the biodiversity in the natural reserve of the Sado estuary, Pedro Narra, photographer from Setúbal, has focused his attention on the recording of animal and plant life in this area. Over the years he has worked on this theme, Narra has assembled an immense photographic collection that he compiled in the book Estuário published in 2018. In this […]